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period_drama's Journal

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Period Drama Graphics
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This is a graphics community devoted to the love of the period/costume drama. Since this is a loose term, we shall say, any era previous to the 1970's is welcome. If it's a costume piece, please feel free to post it. This will include gothic horror and fantasy, as well as classic tales. Whether you like romantic tragedies like Romeo and Juliet, "who done its" like Gosford Park, epic tales such as Troy or Gladitor, or you are a enthusiast for Jane Austen, this is the place for you. From Breakfast on Pluto to Ever After, come and join the fun. Please look in our interest section to get an idea of what is welcome. =)


1. Please be respectful to one another. That means be nice. Please don't troll, flame, spam, or harass anyone.

2. All graphic content must be behind an LJ-Cut with a warning. Please do not post with an icon that contains objectional material. This community is for all ages.

3. Please credit the maker of the icon if you take one. Follow the rules that person posts with their icons. Also please comment when you take icons/graphics. Comments give us the warm fuzzies. Let the artist know that you appreciate all their hard work. =)

4. Posts with more than three bases or icons need to be placed behind a LJ cut. More than 3 icons outside the cut causes the page to load slow for dial up users.

5.Please make sure all your movies titles are listed somewhere within your post. This will make it easier for archiving. * Do not disable comments on the post.* We can't tag or archive if there isn't a comments link. Members understand to go to your journal to comment if you make fake cut.

6.If you want to link (fake cut) to another journal you must post at least 3 teaser icons within your community entry. Also do not link to a locked journal. All redirected posts must be open for the community to see. * If you have a locked journal than make a friends only post* in the community. This is a community after all and it's about sharing.

7.Please make sure all your icons meet the lj picture requirements, 100x100 pixels or less in size, and under 40kb.

8. Hot Linking is forbidden. If it is brought to the communities attention that a member is hot linking from another member without permission, the hot linking member will be banned. Hot Linking is a pet peeve of mine and will not be tolerated.

9. You may promote your own personal icon journal or community with accompanying icons/graphics. However, Community spamming is not welcome here. What does that mean? Community banner ads or pimping posts not accompanied by icons or graphics will be deleted.

10. Requests welcome! Customization of posted icons is up to the discretion of the artist. Please ask, you may be surprised at how many people say yes.

11. All sources can be used for graphics. Please feel free to post period stock image, fashion plate, book, movie and mini-series graphics to the community. This community is not limited to just film. =)

12. Resource materials such as screen captures, book/magazine scans, etc. can be posted here also. We also allow written movie reviews about period films and mini-series. We currently do not allow fan fiction to be posted here.

If you feel like you can't follow these simple rules then maybe this is not the place for you. Otherwise, all are welcome. =)

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Image Resources

Longbourn Jane Austen Screen Captures by desert_sky
BBC/A&E 1995 Pride and Prejudice
2005 Pride and Prejudice
1995 Sense and Sensibility
1996 Emma
1995 Persuasion

Eras of Elegance

a good woman, a knights tale, a midsummer's night dream, an ideal husband, anna karenina, anne of green gables, bleak house, braveheart, breakfast on pluto, casanova, charles dickens, charlotte bronte, clash of the titans, colin firth, conan the barbarian, corsets, costume, costume drama, cousin bette, dangerous liaisons, dracula, dragonheart, edwardian era, elizabeth, elizabeth gaskell, emma, end of the affair, eragon, ever after, excalibur, film, finding neverland, fingersmith, frankenstein, gone with the wind, gormenghast, gosford park, gothic, gothic horror, great expectations, hamlet, henry james, historical, historical drama, hollywoodland, horatio hornblower, howards end, impromptu, interview with the vampire, jane austen, jane eyre, jason and the argonauts, king arthur, king kong, kingdom of heaven, labyrinth, lady jane, legend, little house, little men, little women, mansfield park, marie antoinette, mary reilly, medieval, memoirs of a geisha, mini series, moll flanders, moulin rouge, movies, much ado about nothing, nanny mcphee, nicholas nickleby, north and south, northanger abbey, of mice and men, oliver, oliver twist, onegin, oscar wilde, othello, period drama, period dramas, period piece, persuasion, peter pan, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, plunkett and macleane, portrait of a lady, pride and prejudice, quills, regency, renaissance, restoration, roar, rob roy, robin hood, romances, romantic era, romeo and juliet, secret garden, sense and sensibility, shadow of the vampire, shakespeare in love, sherlock holmes, sleepy hollow, swashbucklers, tess of the d'ubervilles, the age of innocence, the beastmaster, the brothers grimm, the canterville ghost, the chronicles of narnia, the crucible, the forsyte saga, the four feathers, the golden bowl, the governess, the heiress, the illusionist, the libertine, the lion in winter, the little princess, the merchant of venice, the neverending story, the patriot, the prestige, the princess bride, the roaring twenties, the scarlet letter, the three musketeers, the tudors, the wizard of oz, thomas hardy, tipping the velvet, titanic, titus, tristan and isolde, troy, tudor, valmont, vanity fair, velvet goldmine, victorian era, washington square, wilde, willow, wives and daughters, wuthering heights

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